Technology Consulting

Zayako serve its global clients on core IT issues with its massive IT knowledgebase and experience in the domain. We enjoy a massive and very rich pool of resources and of course a very sound industry and business process expertise as well. Our technology consulting services revolve around the core components of a business. In the business domain, a number of integrated components work together to formulate a business strategy. These components include:

  • Consumers
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • Competitors

We Work Differently:

Organizations today are being operated in a much revolutionized manner to compete the growing business demands and current market trends. Processes and requirements are getting more complex and technology demands 360 degree change. During the technology consulting, Zayako looks on a number of focal points to sustain the gravity of the markets. These strategies include:

  • Creating a competitive advantage through IT
  • Managed Business process optimization methods
  • New and innovative technology initiatives
  • Understanding the impact of IT strategy on business operations
  • Creating industry-leading strategic outsourcing and offshoring processes
  • Mitigating operations complexity

Solutions That Exceeds The Expectations:

When it comes to the technology consulting, Zayako sustains the top place indeed. These consulting solutions are designed and developed to implement the products and solutions to meet specific business demands of the industry. Our technology integration services include:

  • Platform integrations
  • Custom development
  • Advisory and technology
  • SAP services
  • CRM Services

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